A Holiday Tale, The Magical Christmas Tree Room


Then, in the excitement of the moment, there came a cry from the crowd……The Wagon……We all looked to the spot where it had last been seen. There was nothing in sight. We ran over the frozen landscape to the spot, only to find, to our

Amazement, that the wagon’s tracks, in the now glowing snow covered road,

Had mysteriously ended. The wagon was nowhere to be seen.
It had simply vanished!

Vanished into the twinkling star lit night,
Leaving behind only the short trail of its wagon tracks and
Hoofprints in the snow, along with a tiny golden satchel
That lay right there upon the tracks. A tiny golden satchel,
All gleaming in the freshly fallen snow and there before our
Frosty, boot-clad feet the tiny satchel glowed. Then placed within the satchel we did find a timely hand-scribed note
That read this way………


Copyright 2011 Author W. Thomas Burns